On The Cusp, Longlist - Animation
Shortlist - Animation
Winner - Silver

Easy Life, Dear Miss Holloway

Will Child

Gravy Mercedes

It was great working with Easy Life, as I was tasked with creating the album artwork, single artwork as well as the 'Dear Miss Holloway' music video, and I loved having another opportunity to shape the visual delivery of an album release. Murray from Easy Life initially got in touch via instagram to say he was a fan of my previous work, and soon after popped over to Bristol to visit my studio along with the band's creative director Charlie Drinkwater, where we discussed the irreverent, tactile, sweet world they wanted the new album to exist in. The album art came first, which served as a great opportunity to pre-imagine what the school we see in 'Dear Miss Holloway' would be like, having already created a taster of the vibrant, surreal universe with the house on the cover. The video took about 6 weeks, and was a challenging shoot with 6 or 7 main characters sharing the screen time, but was really good fun and super rewarding in the end. The narrative is designed to closely reflect the concept of the song; a teenage crush on a high school teacher, with a cute, weird ending.

According to The Face, Will has “been on a domino trick of one big job leading to another”. With an assortment of music videos from the likes of Kurupt FM, Easy Life, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake as well as commercials for Old Spice and Reebok, his rise to the top has been nothing short of spectacular. Originally from Leeds, the director and sculptor started his own animation studio, “Gravy Mercedes” in 2020 and has single-handedly held the hip hop world in a chokehold ever since. Will combines his unique claymation style and fondness for intricate handmade production design with action-packed storytelling to devastating effect.