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Shortlist - Short Film - Fiction

Walls Like Windows

Werner Vivier

Object & Animal, Snapper Films, C24 Films, Mental Images

Walls Like Windows illustrates how isolation affects grief and how, without fail, we turn to the administrative tasks at hand as a means of distraction from adequately processing trauma. The sudden passing of my grandfather, coupled with a global pandemic that left millions unable to mourn friends and relatives, pushed me to explore how we try to address moments of grief when left without the fundamental support systems necessary to cope with trauma. Witnessing the aftermath of my grandfather's passing, and the rushed funeral that followed, I became struck by the chaos and often comedic absurdity that arose when we attempted to juggle the administrative and logistical responsibilities of burying a loved one. The film opens by presenting us with a slew of details that we are left to decipher: an eccentric woman in her 60s hiring an escort for the afternoon - what is she digging, why, and what is going on under the surface? We become caught up in this plan that Maggie has concocted to try and keep the reality of her situation at bay. Once Leon arrives and discovers the truth, Maggie is forced to confront the very thing she is trying to avoid. Ultimately, the film aims to highlight the importance and innate need we all have for human connection and empathy as we navigate trauma; exemplifying just how significant an unlikely connection between two complete strangers can be.

Werner Vivier is a South African and Swiss writer & director based in London. Over the last few years, he has cut his teeth in the film & advertising industry as a go-to Creative Researcher and Director's Assistant, working for renowned international production companies and directors. Werner embarked on his own directorial career in 2020, writing and directing his debut short film “Winter Coat”, which went on to play at various Oscar & BAFTA qualifying film festivals including Encounters, LA Shorts, British Urban, British Shorts, and Indie Memphis, as well as being featured on Booooooom TV & Omeleto. "Walls Like Windows" serves as his second directorial effort, produced by C24 Films and Mental Images, in association with Snapper Films and Object & Animal. Starring Emmy, BAFTA and Olivier award-nominated Juliet Stevenson (Truly, Madly, Deeply) and Anthony Welsh (Master of None, The Great), the film is currently on the festival circuit.