In The Making, Longlist - Animation

Outer Space Diplomacy

Vojta Kočí

Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design, Prague

The short film Outer Space Diplomacy was created as a three-week school assignment. It's a very brief essay on the anthropocentric character of the act of interstellar colonisation. Our human kind (and Europeans especially) have a very dark history with colonising that got out of hand. Therefore the idea of colonising distant planets seems ethically overambitious. The film itself is a very improvised (due to the very short time limit given by the school) combination of hand-drawn animation, live action objects and stop-motion shot landscape made out of sculpting clay.

Vojta Kočí is a student of animation at AAAD (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design) in Prague. His major creative topic is the form of animation itself. He often combines several traditional animation techniques (hand-drawn, cutout or puppet animation as well as more unusual techniques like strata-cut or live action marionettes) in a single shot. During his studies he's created several short films, music videos, visual identities, projection installations or commercial works.