On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video


Valentin Guiod

Birth Production

In a close future, free air has become unbreathable. Populations are deprived from oxygen, freedom and social ties. A group of resilient young people is about to run towards a better future, a world where you can breathe underwater. This film relates this journey, holding their breath on the surface.

First grown as an art director in advertising at adam&eve in London, working on demanding and top- class clients such as Adidas, Google, Volkswagen... Valentin Guiod jumped to filmmaking as an essential part of his vernacular. He had the chance to direct award-winning campaigns and to develop his passion for writing and editing. As a musician himself, driven by the love of rhythm, developping stories for both music videos and feature is for him the best way to join all of his forces.