Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

Helmet Has Always Been A Good Idea

Tore Frandsen


Tore Frandsen directs a comedy Public Service Announcement / Commercial to encourage cyclists to use helmets on the roads. Helmets have always been a good idea. Svend, the Danish Viking, wears a helmet. Be more like Svend.

Tore has always had a passion for film and filmmaking. A graduate of both The Danish Advertisement School and the Copenhagen Film and Photo School, Tore’s ability to work within multiple styles and genres is recognised and celebrated internationally. Tore’s versatility behind the camera has helped him create a highly regarded body of work that includes both runaway viral hits and award circuit favourites alike. United by his affection for tight concepts and clever design, Tore’s highly cinematic style has helped create campaigns for clients such as Netflix, IKEA, Coca-Cola, Shell, Nokia, Toyota, and Skoda. Tore continues to push himself to new creative heights, successfully experimenting in various styles and genres while still managing to retain a look and feel all of his own.