Flying High, Longlist - Short Film - Non Fiction
Shortlist - Short Film - Non Fiction

Dragon Boys

Tom Ringsby

Intergalactic Studios

I first met Prince, a founding member of the Dragon Boys, as my student at a creative summer-school in Ghana while teaching filmmaking several years ago. We stayed in touch, sharing life events, lessons and philosophies as Prince grew up to be a role model and pillar of his community. He kept sharing videos of him and the Dragon Family training, developing and performing their incredible routines. After years of invitations I finally decided to return to Accra with a Bolex camera and a suitcase full of film, resulting in a three-week creative collaboration with Prince and the Dragon Boys as they welcomed me into their community and offered complete access to their lives. I tried to capture them the way the local kids see them, as superheroes.

Tom cut his teeth shooting and living with punk bands in Cape Town, South Africa, before moving to London, UK and embarking on a path back to documentary & portraiture via music videos and co-founding creative house Intergalactic Studios. Tom's work in any medium focuses on variations on the same theme; human beings. Aiming to capture people and communities in an honest and enlightening way by not treating them simply as subjects, but collaborators as well.