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Mesijus & Ąžuoliukas "Rustle"

Titas Sūdžius

Some Films

The concept behind the music video was to keep it simple and capture a concert performed in the forest, dedicated to the forest. The aim was to evoke the pleasingly intoxicating effect of the rich smell of ancient woods. I wanted to portray this through a lens that felt different and slightly psychedelic, yet organic and genuine at the same time. The inspiration to use a double-dolly technique stemmed from the desire to convey nature as untouchable, where humans leave no footprints.

Titas Sūdžius is an award-winning director at Some Films. His works navigate between the surreal and the genuine, employing effective storytelling while paying careful attention to powerful visuals. Titas has a passionate interest in the latest trends in filmmaking, coupled with the technical competence to meticulously bring envisioned ideas to life. This combination pushes the boundaries of novelty and originality in his advertisements and music videos.