Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Korn "Start The Healing"

Timothy Saccenti


For our Korn “Start the Healing” video we wanted to create a dreamlike mix of IRL performance, capturing the visceral quality of their infamous live shows, with a contemporary take on the nightmare-fuel visual lore of the bands legacy. H.R. Giger was our jumping off point visually as they have collaborated with the legend in past works, but we wanted to push them into a modern, liminal-space world, removing as many horror tropes as possible To engineer this world we tapped into the body horror aesthetic of performance artists such as Matthew Barney and sci-fi director David Cronenberg, story wise creating a cathartic journey into the underworld. A vampiric character syphoning energy from abstract creatures was created to drive the narrative and anchor the vast array of esoteric visions we wanted to immerse the viewer in. We pushed heavily into using virtual cameras for our 3d work to create a fury of confusion and mirrored those same “impossible” moves with our performance footage.

Timothy Saccenti is a director and photographer. Saccenti’s singularly unique, immersive style has been imprinted onto genres of music, publication and fine art. His groundbreaking visual output includes influential and genre defying films for artists ranging from indie icons Animal Collective, Run the Jewels and Squarepusher to legends Depeche Mode, Pharrell, and Erykah Badu. In 2018, his album artwork for Run the Jewels’ third album won the Best Art Vinyl award. His commercial oeuvre includes the controversial Playfaces campaign for the Sony PlayStation, as well as spots for Nike, Diesel and Audi, amongst others. Most recently, Timothy has worked on campaigns for Mercedes, Intel, and A-Z Sportswear. As a fine artist, Saccenti has exhibited The Garden at the Diesel gallery in Tokyo as well as multiple group shows around the world including the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the Spectacle: The Art of the Music Video travelling exhibition. His NFP work includes award winning campaigns for Oxfam and the Africa United We’ve Got Your Back Ebola awareness campaign ft. Idris Elba. Timothy published the first monograph Portraits 01 and he won multiple Cannes Lions for his Formation book. Additionally, Timothy collaborates with VFX director Alvin Cruz under the CRUDO moniker.