Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Prospa, Want Need Love

Thomas Ralph


A hopeful, joyous future soundtrack to the nation returning to the dancefloor, ‘WANT NEED LOVE’ is a powerful, nostalgia rendering cut of impactful dance music. Complete with a kinetic yet droning organ, energy-inducing digital arpeggios, and an unforgettable vocal line, the track is an overwhelming sonic tapestry - replicating the emotional bonds felt within club spaces with a widescreen flair unable to be replicreated anywhere else. The track’s visual compounds that energy perfectly, that chronicles the transition of a road traffic accident victim into another realm after his passing. The video spotlights the glory in living as the viewer is taken on a journey that reveals just how much beauty there is to be experienced as you transition into the afterlife. Thomas states: “We wanted to explore the greatest ‘trip’ of all, death. The process on earth, the after and the experience for the deceased. Like many people this year it’s been on mind. It’s unknown. Personal. And, of course sad and scary. But it could also be beautiful and psychedelic. We wanted to portray those almost cliché narratives we humans have written; the white light, the ascension, the afterlife but pushed into a beautiful visual that reflects Prospa’s aesthetic and the euphoria of their music. The whole concept wouldn’t have been conceived without the stunning inspiration and collaboration of macro artists Chris Parks & Roman Hill. Their brilliance made our lo-fi sets in the back of the Caviar office look cosmic.” A real ‘tears on the dancefloor’ moment that gives true evidence of the restorative power of dance music, ‘WANT NEED LOVE’ is a welcome rejuvenation to the sound of electronic music that progressively swells towards a thrilling climax that engages the soul as much as the body. This holistic energy is transferred into the track’s video, presenting a real life out of body experience where the song implies it. ‘WANT NEED LOVE’ and its cinematic visual are further proof of Prospa’s ability to bring something beautiful to the club at a time when we need it most. Dance music has never been more necessary, and it’s never sounded, or looked like this.

Very much part of the CAVIAR family, director Thomas Ralph is a young talent with a sharp eye for factual, social, DIY and cinematic storytelling. After graduating Film at University of The Arts London, Thomas joined CAVIAR in-house director assisting and creative researching across the roster and offices. During this time, Thomas has developed his own reel and style whilst also grabbing industry attention – he was shortlisted for the D&AD Next Director Award 2017 – and that of the CAVIAR team along the way. In late 2016, Thomas was nominated as Best Dance Newcomer at the UKMVA’s for his promo for band Vessels and at the same time also won The Homespun Yarn 2016 competition for his ‘Brexit Kids’ short Darkest Hour. The latter gaining Vimeo Staff Pick, playing on European National TV and being featured in a variety of global editorials. Following the success of his award-winning short film ‘Darkest Hour’, Ralph went on to direct the 45” anthem film of AXE’s #isitokforguys campaign through 72andSunny Amsterdam which has gained notable press including being featured as one of Shots’ Top Ten Commercials of 2017 so far. #isitokforguys is a Google search-driven campaign that reveals how guys are hiding behind their screen to ask the questions they can’t face asking out loud.