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Department for Education, Every Lesson Shapes A life - Tuesday


Pulse Films

After directing 2018's "Every Lesson Shapes A Life" – which followed a young girl's journey through the school system – ThirtyTwo take on the sequel "Tuesday". The spot once again sets out to inspire the next generation of teachers, staring real Bedford High School teacher Addison Brown as he quizzes, marks and mentors his way through an average school day.

ThirtyTwo is the collaborative moniker of Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace. Their experience and unwavering passion for film is evident in the unique insights they bring to each stage of the filmmaking process and their unparalleled ability to clearly see through an idea from its inception to screen. With a deep visual intuition and thoughtful casting, their work gets under the skin of human nature with incredibly real performances that capture moments that draw you in and leave an indelible mark that lasts long after viewing. Their commercial work is internationally recognised and has been met with consistent critical acclaim. They were featured in Campaign’s 2018 and Televisual’s 2020 Top 10 Directors with their film for The Department For Education becoming one of the most awarded commercials of the year at the D&AD’s and British Arrows. ThirtyTwo also have several exciting feature documentary projects in the works with their seminal Sundance hit Shut Up And Play The Hits having become the definitive documentary on LCD Soundsystem. A milestone in their career that earned them recognition at the Grammy’s and Grierson Awards for their work in documentaries.