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Slava Ukrani


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This was made as part of Aria's fundraising after returning from Ukraine. It's been over 6 months since the invasion of Ukraine. I could sit here and write pages about the pain, death, destruction and senseless suffering it has caused. But instead, I want to focus on a group of my friends. Volunteers who are focused on making positive change; they are the light in the darkness, the hope in what can feel like a hopeless situation. This 100% non-profit group repairs damaged houses of those affected by shelling and bombing as a result of the war. Twice a week they go to the outskirts of Kyiv, to towns that have faced destruction, repairing roofs, building walls, insulating houses and delivering supplies for those in need. My goal is to raise £10,000 to support them, and I am calling on you to help me get there. Donations of any size contribute massively to this goal. This money would enable them to fix as many houses as possible before the harsh winter hits. Winters are tough and bitter in Ukraine and as they approach, they are doing everything in their power to make sure people have a roof over their heads and can stay warm. This sum would allow the team to purchase items such as roofing sheets, insulation foam and boards, doors, windows, petrol for transport and further building materials. Their work is not only vital, but urgent. We have an opportunity to help these people change people's lives - real change with instant, tangible effect. Any money raised over the amount will continue to go to the volunteers to support the work they are doing. https://www.gofundme.com/f/rebuilding-homes-in-ukraine?utm_campaign=p_nacp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer

Aria Shahrokhshahi is a British-Iranian photographer and filmmaker. Shahrokhshahi’s work is a blend of documentary, lifestyle and fashion whose work often focuses on a variety of diverse communities and the way people interact within them. Aria has been commissioned by clients such as Gucci, Puma, Childline, CP Company, Kurt Geiger and artists such as Slow Thai, Sam Smith & Matt Maltese.