On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal

Stoney Creation, Repair

Skyler Vander Molen

From Below + Pocket Pictures

Repair is a very different kind of song and unlike anything I’ve worked on. After a couple months of calls and texts with Stoney, we landed on a concept that explored the duality in each of us by dramatizing the process of coming to terms with our kaleidoscopic nature. No one is all light or dark, we’re all a complex mixture of forces that constantly shift and change. We wanted to bring that inner conflict to life by showing the many different sides of Stoney and her journey towards integration.

Skyler Vander Molen is an American artist and director. With a pragmatic, collaborative approach honed as a designer and art director at innovative companies like Pinterest, Facebook, and Postmates, Skyler has spent the last fifteen years working in various creative and leadership roles in advertising, design and film production. Through a visual style designed to elicit empathy, immediacy and curiosity, Vander Molen finds humanity and humor in sharing a vision of life as unvarnished, unpredictable, sometimes absurd and often unfair, but beautiful and rich with meaning.