Flying High, Longlist - Fashion


Sandra Winther


For Copenhagen Fashion Week, Stine Goya wanted to create a film that was grounded in the authentic experiences of women. Channelling such honesty and depth in fashion films can be a challenge as they are typically inherently about the clothes, and what we see far too often is that the message gets lost in beautiful images that carry little emotion. Channelling her own experiences into a personal poem, director Sandra Winther’s words became the foundation for a film that portrays how feelings of self-doubt and insecurity vanish when you reach the "Unbreakable Place" - a place of invincibility. The challenge was to portray the Stine Goya AW21 collection in a way that left women feeling empowered. Never forced, never artificial, and deeply authentic. The objective was to get audiences to engage with the brand on a deeper level during Fashion Week; a time where brands compete for attention, especially in an era of Covid where a striking digital presence is essential. Sandra approached the brief in a deeply personal way by writing a letter to herself; one that developed into a feminist poem. To accompany the words, we needed a visual story to connect with, one that felt true to the female experience. This was an organic process inspired by the cast - their universe, the colours and textures they surround themselves with and their ways of self-expression.

Sandra Winther is a New York-based film director from Copenhagen, Denmark. Focused on capturing the stories and pulse of vibrant youth culture, her work brings intimacy and authenticity together in a cinematic vision.