Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Little Simz, Introvert

Salomon Ligthelm

Prettybird UK

“SIMZ reached out saying she's working on new music and would love to collaborate on a video together. [When I listened to Introvert] I was BLOWN away. I was sitting there, in my quiet little bubble taking it all in - the lyrics, the sound, the scale. I connected with SIMZ and her creative director Jeremy Cole and I remember telling them in broad-strokes about some visual/thematic ideas I had. That was the start of a very fluid and super collaborative process with SIMZ and Jeremy. “The track is really epic and crosses a lot of thematic territory. It became fairly obvious to me at the outset that it wasn't going to be easy to find imagery that matches the scale of the music and lyrics - especially not without becoming didactic. A lot of the archival, and use of art history elements were considerations drawn up right at the outset. "It's hard to know who you are, or to accept who you are when you are made to feel like an outcast, an enemy. The film is about finding people moving from a state of chaos and societal disconnection into a space of community, connection and freedom - embracing a true understanding of who they are.”

Salomon Ligthelm is a self-taught filmmaker, whose international background figures strongly into his distinctive, visual style. As the son of traveling missionaries, his international upbringing – a childhood spent in Johannesburg, Dubai, and Sydney – opened his eyes to the world and continues to greatly influence him to this day. His textural and experimental work finds new ways of exploring visual storytelling, always with a human story at its core. His work has garnered recognition across the globe, including inclusion in both the Saatchi & Saatchi and 1.4 New Directors Showcases, two Golds and three Silvers at the YDAs, shortlisted at Shots for online commercial of the year over 2 minutes for Audi and Music Video of the Year, Best Alternative Video and Best New Director at the UKMVA’s, and a music video shortlist at Ciclope. These honors are all the more extraordinary for a young director who is just four years into his commercial film career. His body of work includes short films such as “Rocket Wars,” which documents the stunning aerial fireworks battle of a Greek village, as well as commercials for Puma, Adidas, Top Boy, S7, and Valvoline, and music videos for artists like Prince, The Weeknd, Daughter, Bearcubs and Young Fathers. Salomon currently lives in New York City with his young family.