Flying High, Longlist - Animation, Planet Positive
Shortlist - Animation

Federal Ministry of Climate Action, The Mad House

Ross Cooper, Nella Addy & Rogan vd Berg

PPM Next

The brief: In Austria, there is a pressing need for extensive thermal refurbishments to achieve climate neutrality by 2040. To address this, the Climate Ministry has launched a fund that provides support of up to €14K to individuals who wish to renovate their homes and enhance their energy efficiency. The advertising campaign by Jung von Matt revolves around the motto "Österreich ist nicht ganz dicht," which carries a double meaning, suggesting that Austria is both leaking hot and cold air, and also implying that Austria is crazy. The agency reference was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” which was created by a heroic team including Spielberg, Zemeckis, Walt Disney Studios and ILM. They were busy. Luckily the agency were looking for something a little bit different too, so Sebastian Larrosa, the executive producer at PPM NEXT, proposed combining live-action director Ross Cooper through John Spary Associates with the animation studio Feral Child to pitch for the job.

Ross Cooper, is renowned for his innovative visual interpretations, exceptional transitions, sophisticated post-production effects, and ingenious in-camera solutions. His ability to devise unique and unconventional solutions to complex challenges is a hallmark of his creative approach. Feral Child is an animation powerhouse devoted to creating cinematic experiences for games, commercials, and music videos. The animation studio, led by Nella Addy and Rogan van den Berg, specialises in high-end animation with a strong emphasis on character, world building and narrative storytelling. With clients such as Google, Adidas, BBC, LUSH Cosmetics and more, Feral Child has consistently applied a masterful blend of technique, emotion, and boundless creativity to every project.