On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project

What Will Still Exist?

Ross Allen


During an Earth Day presentation, Elizabeth questions, what will still exist when she grows up? This self-funded film was created to raise awareness of climate change - seen through the perspective of a young anxious 4th grader. I made this film last year and just became a father for the first time. It now resonates deeper every day. I will always try and use my craft to share important messages.

With over a decade ascending the agency ranks, Ross is a director dedicated to ‘the idea’. He crossed the threshold to become a full-time director in late 2018. His understanding of the message, brand, emotion, and strategy applied to the creative allows Ross to craft a story that resonates deeply with its audience. Ross’s approach merges the truth of documentary with conceptually driven and emotive imagery, making his work personal and human.