Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Yard Act - 100% Endurance

James Slater

Zomdic Films

Prior to shooting 100% Endurance, I'd already been lucky enough to shoot four videos from The Overload. It's given us the opportunity to create our own Yard Act cinematic universe, with characters and themes recurring across all the films. With this video we wanted to wrap everything up. I thought we should have a go at answering (that question) by revealing that the universe (well, the Yard Act universe at least) is in fact a miniature model set, kept atop Thewlis' spare room. James (Yard Act) and David had been chatting for a while, as it turned out he was a big fan of the band. He let us know that he'd be up for doing a video and thankfully liked the idea. We shot it in his native Blackpool. He really bought into it all and delivered a brilliant performance, tying the whole thing together. I think he'll go far!

James's job as a director began back in Liverpool with his friend Neil making videos for local bands. They got their big break directing work for The Coral, such as Pass It On, In The Morning and many more. Since then, James has gone on to make a career as a director of music videos, commercials and documentaries, both in the UK and in Germany where he lived for several years. He has achieved industry recognition, winning NME video of the year (Jamie T 'Zombie’), Raindance - Video Of The Year (Stealing Sheep 'Not Real') as well as nominations for a Brit Award ('Jax Jones ‘Breathe') and a couple of UKMVA nominations.