Flying High, Longlist - Personal

Now You Know



ROGELIO makes the most of his time in quarantine with an introspective journey into his own psyche and vivid dreams. The relationship between the director and his lockdown partner – from reading together to tripping together – forms the basis of a film that charts a journey through the different stages a 50 day lockdown imposes on the mind. “It depicts what could’ve happened in a Spanish home when lockdown brought together a couple of immature adults’’ says Rogelio, who commanded the directing, writing, cinematography and editing of the piece - an ode to DIY filming in his very own apartment and surroundings, showing that limitations exist only in the mind.

ROGELIO’s roots in the underground have built him as an authentic young voice, and one to watch, in the mainstream. He sharpened his filmmaking skills shooting the most recognised skate crew in Spain and has been growing ever since.