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Rodrigo Inada, Nono Ayuso

Prod. Co: Landia + Impolite + Saltwater / Co-prod. Co: Magma + Eighty4

Terra Cene is a remembrance of things past and an observation of the interconnected nature of time on Earth. Directors, Rodrigo Inada and NONO -Nono Ayuso-, reimagining of the 1977 Golden Record challenges our perception of time, while dissecting its motivations. Through a carefully crafted narrative that weaves through time past, time present, and time future, Terra Cene urgently questions, who and what will be left to remember? If the end is built into the beginning, it is our responsibility to protect the future. We are guests, here for only a moment. Terra Cene delivers a hauntingly hopeful message, reminding us of our duty to preserve the beauty of life on Earth.

Nono and Rodrigo are a directing duo that came together to complement each other. Both visions come together to create powerful narratives with strong visuals. RODRIGO INADA Rodrigo Inada is a Japanese-Brazillian director based between London & Berlin, his work is born by putting out messages across different platforms. Rodrigo's work tells stories through dynamic visuals, and from his essence, the goal is to tell stories no matter what the format or media. With a background in post-production and cinematography, Rodrigo has worked in commercials with agencies like TBWA and W+K, on music video projects with labels like Universal Music Group, Capitol Records and Sony Music. NONO -Nono Ayuso-: London-based director, he was an investigative journalist who specialized in conflict zones and investigative journalism for 10 years. Some of his stories include FARC in Colombia, Israeli- Lebanese war in 2008. He was a professor in several Chilean Universities before moving to London 5 years ago. Since then, he has been directing documentaries, music videos, and commercials. His films have been selected in festivals as Aesthetica, Cannes YDA, Bolton Film Festival, Le Fifa, and semi-finalist in Rhode Island Film Festival. Also, They have been awarded the Golden Shark 2021, Gold Lovie Awards 2017, and the Gold British Media Award 2018. Some of his films have been Vimeo Staff Pick and Vimeo Staff Pick of the Month.