On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Stefflon Don, Move

Remi Laudat

Academy Films

‘Move’ delves into a world that pays homage to Steff’s Jamaican heritage. Playing with the idea of Jamaican hyper-reality, we embrace Jamaican culture and heightened the energy in a playful and edgy way with vibrant lighting and set design. This video is all about female energy being at the forefront, taking control and just enjoying themselves, through dancing, styling and overall aesthetic. Feeling free and empowered, but throughout having that feel good factor that makes you want to move.

Remi initially trained as a dancer (ballet and contemporary) before shifting into filmmaking. He made this transition after discovering the broader reach he could have through film rather than as an individual dancer on stage, as well as the artistic scope film has to tackle any subject matter. His directorial style centres heavily around beauty, whether rugged or pristine, and works to evoke emotion within his audience using impactful visuals and imaginative storytelling.