On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

EIVG, Tsunami

Raoul Paulet


What have we all become? Eugenio In Via Di Gioia tells a story about one of us, unable to think and to act, frozen, in front of a tsunami of homogenisation, alienation and exclusion. Even dancing seems to be reduced to a mere repetition of our daily routine. Have we forgotten what makes us unique and irreplaceable?

Raoul Paulet is a visionary director and artist who works on a wide range of media projects. In his research he tends to focus on minimalism, simplicity, and a strong aesthetic combined with content and meaning. Raoul always applies a multidisciplinary approach, especially in the search of the perfect balance between image and sound.  "My desire is to be extremely creative, emotional and inspirational. I explore new ways of bringing content to its visual limits, and provoking the audience's interest in a subtle way. This leads my work and original approach."