On The Cusp, Longlist - Commercial

NIKE Adapt BB2.0

Quentin Deronzier

La Pac

Creating otherworldly theatrical visuals, French director Quentin Deronzier has developed over the years a sharp eye and a unique taste for electric color palettes and surreal concepts. Through his creations, he explores mind-twisting ideas always at the frontier between the real and the impossible. Quentin worked with countless artists, personalities and brands around the world. Among them, his ongoing collaboration with Petit Biscuit (overall art direction, album covers, world tour design etc…), and contribution to French rapper Orelsan’s awarded live show (directing his arena tour visuals) are some of the most significant ones. Lately, Quentin signed Foals’ latest music video for their massive track “The Runner”. He also collaborated with Hollywood actor Will Smith in a 3D dancing piece and more recently, he directed the international campaign for NIKE Adapt BB2.0.