Flying High, Longlist - Commercial, Planet Positive
Shortlist - Planet Positive
Shortlist - Commercial
Winner - Silver




The spot shows some of the laws around the world that, even though are in force, are considered unnecessary or even absurd in their respective societies, as they try to control rooted behaviours that don't offer any harm to the individual or to society as a whole or are simply bizarre, trying to impose a behavioural homogenisation that doesn't echo with the plurality of contemporary societies. The piece has even more relevance with the current political moment Brazil’s going through. It’s during turbulent times when we need intelligence and creativity the most to communicate. The relevance of the campaign is nothing more than the result of getting super talents together in a joyful process of exchange, a good cause, and an absolutely brave client.

Pedro was born in 1989 and raised among film sets and editing stations. A true believer in modern newspaper astrology, he has recently moved to Amsterdam to improve his Dutch and of course, his cycling skills.