Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Lancey Foux, Poison

Olivia Rose

Stink Films

Olivia Rose directs a celestial, otherworldly promo for Lancey Foux. Known for reinterpreting masculinity through a female gaze in both her photography and video projects, Rose's concept exists in a parallel space and time, evidenced by surreal imagery - a fish covered in luminescent butterflies, as an example - and a soft, introspective performance, leaning into a certain vulnerability that shapes the entire narrative. 

Olivia is an award winning director and strictly analogue photographer who is allergic to pixels and in love with the alchemy of film. Her work has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery for their permanent collection and she has an enviable list of both commercial and editorial clients. Preferring to think of herself as a sociologist than a photographer or director, Olivia is of the school of thought that subject is key. Technology was never the allure, rather the people she’s met along the way that have – and continue to – inspire her work.