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Nicolina Knapp

B-Reel Films

Stockholm native Nicolina Knapp is undeniably one of the most skillful modern day interpreters you’ll find, with her sharp eye towards all things relevant to contemporary culture clearly represented and distinguishable throughout her work. Nico navigates the modern media landscape with ease, but never compromises when it comes to the key elements of classical filmmaking. Nico’s creative output covers a vast selection of work - from shooting an international stills campaign for Babbel with Forsman & Bodenfors, directing a Grammy nominated music video for Muwana (Switch), to one of her commercial spots, such as her film for Yamaha together with agency We are Zag (London). Perhaps what’s so magical about Nicolina is her ability to put her finger on the ineffable. Her photography as well as her directed work is overflowing with humanity and this feeling of warmth and strength.