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ABBOTT, Familiar

Nicolas Bori

Behind the Mask - The Sweetspot

The video for ABBOTT's new track Familiar: Directed by award-winning Argentinian director Nicolas Bori, it was filmed almost entirely underwater and stars French record free-diver and filmmaker, Julie Gautier. Says Abbott: “The track ‘Familiar’ is about time and certain moments in it. I wanted to create a sense of an emotional dejà-vu, little moments of familiarity that we go through again and again, that are familiar yet different every time. When I discussed this concept with Nico, he immediately came up with the idea of water, of streams and waves as visual parallel to the passing of time. He also came up with the idea of reflecting on a fallen civilization from the past or perhaps the future – a dejà-vu seen through the eyes of someone rediscovering a once familiar object, altered by time. So the story follows a tribe of hunter-gatherer sea nomads that perform a ritual to ask permission to the ocean before going fishing. On her quest, the protagonist discovers the remains of previous civilizations, lost and forgotten under the rising seas. The film is an invitation to think about climate change and our own fragile society.”

Nicolas Bori, who is originally from Argentina, is studying film at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany . He enjoys storytelling, strong visuals and technical challenges.