On The Cusp, Longlist - Lockdown

'Til We See The Sky

Nicholas Stachurski

Eightfold Collective

Safety shot during lock down. The narrative first started as piece about the disproportionate effect of Covid19 on Black Detroiters but we broaden the message after the unfortunate death of George Floyd. See more info about the film here. https://www.tilweseethesky.com/ We used this site to provide resources and to raise money for the cause.

Stemming from a producing background, Nick is a very self-motivated Director, with a passion for diving deep into story structure. His focus is discovering the raw elements of personal stories and finding ways to pull those emotions from story, to screen, to viewer. Often these stories deal with subjects of identity, family, personal growth and healing. His ability to find positive aspects in every person and situation is transparent in his style. He always finds a way to connect with any actor or real person, even in complex situations. Every story Nick touches brings honest human emotions to light in a cinematic presentation. When done properly, these stories provide an emotional journey that can help people through their own struggles. Fun Fact: Nick also turns into a little kid around any dog he meets.