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Mayor of London, Have A Word

Molly Burdett


Have A Word is a collaboration between Ogilvy, Hogarth and Spindle. It was released alongside a bold campaign that highlights how easily misogyny can escalate to more violent acts. It puts the onus on men, challenging them to stop being a bystander and take action when they see sexist behaviour and harassment by their peers. ‘Have a word with yourself, then your mates’. Since its release, it's been amazing to see the real-world positive impact the campaign has had and how many people it’s reached. So far there’s been £18m investment from the government to combat violence against women, the film has been shown in UK schools as a part of the curriculum and the UN have included the campaign as learning material in their education and training packs. The film has also been awarded at YDA, Creative Circle, and won a Glass Lion at Cannes.

Molly tells soulful and emotionally honest stories across film and photography. Packed with meaning and symbolism, her striking visuals cut straight to the heart.