On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video
Shortlist - Music Video

Black Country, New Road, Concorde

Maxim Kelly


The stunning new video for the track had Maxim collaborate with the band, with cameos from several of the band members. This marks the first video of its kind from Black Country, New Road which includes sci-fi b-movie themes. Speaking about the video, Maxim says, “On the surface, the concept was straightforward, a walking video: An Ant from “up there”, sings Concorde. But, for a band who namecheck everyone from Scott Walker to Kanye West, and the pronounced mix of genres in their music, it felt right to take an analogous approach with the visuals. Throw as many references together as possible and see if we, too, could get it all to hold together as a piece. We took the 6 minute+ runtime as an asset. It gave us the time needed to weave as much as possible into the film. A walking video in parts, but also with a narrative running through. We combined miniatures with VFX, and flanked the film with Archival footage.

Maxim Kelly is a Filmmaker and Photographer. For Maxim, the concept is everything. He’s all about substance first. He dismantles briefs, seeking to find the essence of the song, artist or brand and then develops outwards from there. Often finding a lateral and unconventional relationship to the themes and content of the brief. His work spans Music, Fashion, Narrative and Branded Content. His clients include Valentino, Linda Farrow, Sony, Vogue alongside recent Fashion Editorials for Red Thread and Hunger Magazine.