On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Glass Animals, Space Ghost Coast To Coast

Max Siedentopf

Riff Raff Films

Although the promo for the Glass Animals single “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” was released in May 2021, it was shot a year earlier during the first UK lockdown, when shooting with a crew was impossible and all we could really do is stay at home. Max Siedentopf, Director said: ‘We decided to use this to our advantage and actually shoot the entire video from the balcony of my home together with a DOP who coincidentally lived in the same building. To make sure we stuck to social distancing rules the entire video was shot at 4am with no one around and Glass Animals’ frontman Dave was placed 200m away from our balcony. As shooting with multiple people was not allowed we decided to instead clone Dave. Here the real and digital world was merged together with dozens if not hundreds of Dave clones running around our scene. The entire video was shot from one perspective, using a super long zoom lens so that even 200m away we could still get close to Dave - and no matter where we zoom to we always see dancing Daves everywhere.’

Max Siedentopf (1991) grew up in Windhoek, Namibia and continued to work in Berlin, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. He is currently based in London. The founder of Ordinary magazine, his work ranges across photography, film, design, sculpture, publishing and bad jokes. Max sees the world in a way no one else does; a place filled with endless opportunities to transform any object and/or situation into a bizarrely humorous one. We have a sneaking suspicion it might be due to his very distinctive but also very asymmetrical glasses.