Flying High, Longlist - Branded

The Raid

Martin de Thurah


In 2021, the National Museum of Denmark opened a highly ambitious three-year exhibition aiming to bring the visitors into the world of the Viking Age. The exhibition was planned to consist of two parts: A collection of treasures from the Viking age, and a film that brings the visitor along on a Viking raid. Scandinavian production company Bacon was hired to produce the film with director Martin de Thurah attached for writing and directing. The scale of the production was unprecedented for the museum. After months of writing, rewriting, and conferring with historians, de Thurah and Jesper Fink finalized the script, turning Viking Bjørn Ironside's attempt at conquering Rome into a dramatic, poetic film that appeals to museum guests of all ages while educating them on the Viking age and the raids of the time. At the museum in Copenhagen, the 17-minute-film is presented in 6 chapters via projection on large sails, giving the viewer a feeling of being shielded from the outside world and truly stepping into the story and age of the Vikings. Real Viking artefacts used in the film are exhibited next to several of the chapters, bringing even further life to the tale of the Viking raid.

Powerful storytelling, emotional power and unique images are some of the qualities that have solidified Danish director Martin de Thurah as one of the absolute best in his field. He has created jaw dropping work for clients such as Bupa, Facebook, Ubisoft, Thomson, Playstation, Camelot, Hennessy and many more. And he has won almost every award there is, including Commercial Director of the Year by the Directors Guild og America in 2014 and 2018. Martin’s promo career is also prolific, shooting for James Blake, Feist, Editors, Royksopp and David Byrne, picking up MVA’s and other awards along the way. This work has translated across to commercials effortlessly. His Thomson film was marked as one of the best works of 2011 and is still referenced by clients and agencies to date. Besides commercials and promos, Martin has made two short films and several art projects.