On The Cusp, Longlist - Fashion


Marine Serre, Ryan Doubiago, Sacha Barbin


As the world finds itself in an ongoing state of flux, we have the opportunity to find new ways of living together as a global community; to find a new dialogue with *ourselves*, other people and the world around us. For SS22, Marine Serre explored these possibilities, imagining what the future could look like if we were to change our habits and think more deeply about the food we eat, the way we move through life and the clothes we wear. A life without the feeling of loneliness that comes with isolation, but with the essential moments of solitude we need in order to reconnect with ourselves. The title Ostal24, means maison or house in Occitan - a historical language spoken in Serre's native region - grew from the values Serre wanted to instill in her collection : that through sincere engagement with attention to our primal instincts, we can create a sense of home wherever life takes us. Ostal24 transports us through interior and exterior worlds that could be situated somewhere in the past, present or future.

The designer Marine Serre decided to co-direct her film with Sacha Barbin and Ryan Doubiago.