On The Cusp, Longlist - Branded


Marcus Ibanez

New land london

This is a bit of a funny one; it's a music video in one sense but is also a piece of branded content for hjartebarnsfonden.

Marcus Ibanez began assisting various fashion photographers in Stockholm, after 3 years of studying photography. Shortly thereafter, he studied graphic design at Berghs School of Communication. In 2016, after his graduation, Marcus was eager to learn more about film and got in contact with director Niclas Larsson, who saw the potential in Marcus and quickly landed him a job at the production company New Land as a Director’s Assistant and 2nd unit director. Since he started working at New Land, Marcus has worked on big productions for clients such as Volvo, H&M and Audi with directors like Gustav Johansson, Niclas Larsson, Sheila Johansson, Jonas Lindstroem and Jerome Salle, to name a few. Marcus most recently directed a film for Volvo Cars & Adidas.