Flying High, Longlist - Sport




Ski movies have always been a primary source of inspiration for a young skier. Young, obsessed by passion, he wants to take his first steps in this universe, to exist. We all know the next steps: training, surpassing oneself, entering the competition and confrontation. Thus, as in any sport, the notion of the dream is established; that pushes us to our limits; that sparks determination. In a sport like freestyle, where creativity is king, we want to approach the notion of dream in order to give a universality to a ski film, which is basically intended for a professional audience, to support the state of mind of an athlete in the sport in general. Let's agree, a novice will interpret a switch bio twelve blunt as a foreign language.

ANDY COLLET: As a former pro skier and nature lover, I have always been attracted to photography. With time, I learned to master natural light on difficult terrain, even in extreme shooting conditions. I’ll do anything to capture the perfect story, the perfect picture. Coming from the sports world, this passion follows me into my directing. My dynamic and professional image has allowed me to conquer markets that I would never have thought of operating in (Giorgio ARMANI, HERMES, Adidas, Chanel, Picture Organic Clothing...). I like simplicity, and I try to keep my naturalist and documentary style in the way I film and present my subjects. MARC AUGEY: Passionate about stories, my cinephile side has allowed me to develop a sensitive relationship with screenwriting. Cinema and image do not deceive; they capture nothing but sincerity. Majoring in Higher Education and a director within PVS Company, I’m still keen to learn, allowing me to access all sorts of projects, from advertising to documentary and short fiction).