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Woo Go

Mackenzie Sheppard


Nike Juku - a new program by Nike to improve the physical, emotional and mental health of students in Japan, who are under so much pressure to perform that they notoriously attend cram schools (“juku”). The film is set to the track “WOO! GO!” which we co-wrote along with the incredible ATARASHII GAKKO! Nike Juku will be an ongoing program, and for this first stage, we focused on Nike Juku Study Breaks, which are fun, easy exercises to be done as a break from studying.

Mackenzie’s work is widely acclaimed for his humour, visual diversity and magical take on stories. Mack is a Canadian film director raised in Japan. He is passionate about bringing advertising and original content into one sphere, a recent example being VISIT EARTH, a 6 part original series designed as a travel show for Aliens (viewed over 50 million times on YouTube). Mackenzie’s work has been recognized at award winning festivals around the world, such as the Cannes Young Director Awards in both 2015 and 2016, and Ciclope Festival. His ‘Liberty Fields’ docu-film for Guinness won Best Web Film at AICP 2020. Nominations include British Arrows and two Webby’s in 2022. VISIT EARTH, his first original series was nominated for Best of the Year at the Vimeo Festival 2020.