Flying High, Longlist - Personal Project

Ukraine. Pretty Cool Place

Luke Huxham

Radioaktive film

Making this short film with no budget ($5200 USD), no plans, just a plane ticket to Kyiv, and no warning for anyone involved was a blur, and after it was done, it felt like waking up from a coma. Forever thankful to my good friends in Kyiv, Ukraine. -------------------- A BLUR OF MEMORIES from my time in Kyiv. Dedicated to all my AMAZING FRIENDS and the AWFUL STEREOTYPES and MISCONCEPTIONS the world has of this BEAUTIFUL part of the world. Трохи моїх спогадів про Київ. Присвячується всім моїм чудовим друзям, а також жахливим стереотипам і помилковим уявленням про цю прекрасну частину світу. プラン無し、予算も無し。飛行機のチケットを片手に48時間で作り上げた映像です。 キエフで過ごした私の思い出の一部。この作品は私の素晴らしい友人たち、くだらない偏見を持つ人たちと、この素晴らしい場所が世界に存在する事をまだ知らない人たちに捧げます。 If you can't tell already, this film is a parody of how the rest of the world has painted Ukraine. Even I was brainwashed by the Hollywood stereotypes until I visited Kyiv. It's a country that's gone through so much turmoil, but it's only made the locals stronger and more determined to turn things around. It isn't just the vast amount of locations and lack of regulations that make Ukraine special, but more so the people and their attitude towards "getting things done." A "behind the scenes" film from the making of this project can be seen below.

New Zealand film director based in Tokyo for 12 years, directing projects inside Japan and all over the world. Luke run's a small creative and production studio in Tokyo, and will be moving to Los Angeles to continue to grow his career.