In The Making, Longlist - Music Video

Siimba Selassiie, Lost Souls

Luigi Calabrese

The Corner Shop

There is a simmering rage beneath the surface of this film. Placing Black bodies in the traditionally white space of Renaissance artwork creates a sense of tension, almost accusation. It becomes a juxtaposition, with all the canon’s associations of veneration and power, the film at once elevates the subjects but also highlights their absence in these spaces.

Luigi Calabrese is an Italian American Director and photographer based in Los Angeles. Assisting and observing the greats like the late Frank Budgen and Peter Thwaites, he is building a voice in music videos and short form content. His promo for rapper Siimba Selassiie featured in Dividing Lines: An African American and Native American Symposium, it was also officially selected in the Los Angeles Indie Film Festival, Bowery Film Festival NY and Blow-Up international Art Festival Chicago.