On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video


Ludovic Gontrand


When singer Blu Samu approached me to create a visual world around Turquoise, some of her keywords stuck with me ; ‘Re-birth’, ‘New era’ and ‘Calm'. We see her as a human torch running through the crowd in a beach setting, with an almost spiritual energy, illuminating the space around her. But it’s as if she’s invisible - not noticed by anyone - she’s then reborn in the healing powers of the ocean. Everything was created on camera, so filming with fire had to be very skillfully planned, and it needed to be on a cold night. With only six stunt people and a maximum of 30 seconds allowed per fire stunt, there was no room for mistakes, so multiple cameras were used on set.

Ludovic Gontrand turned to directing films just over a year ago. Being a former art director for Paris-based agency Sid Lee and now signed as a director at HAMLET, he explores both documentary work and music videos as well as commercial work. His short film "Legacy" , a study of his family about intergenerational transmission, was shortlisted for the Cannes Young Directors Awards 2022.