On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Grapefruit – Tove Lo

Lisette Donkersloot


Grapefruit has to genuinely be the greatest track that I've ever received for a music video. Usually you have to re-listen to a song more times than you'd prefer to get fully inspired, but this time I really, really fell in love and had it on repeat for 3 days straight. The idea for the video came solely from listening to the lyrics and Tove’s voice and her emotion really spoke to me. The lyrics really gave me an insight into Tove’s mind at a certain point in her life and for the video I wanted to do the same: crawl inside her mind. That’s how I came up with the inner room of self destruction, as I like to call it. This skin room - a magnified and unrealistic reflection of her own body - in which ‘Inner Tove’ is controlled by her outer self where not only she, but the actual room gets physically hurt, bruised and scratched by the impacts of her movements, ultimately her thoughts. The process from beginning to end felt so organic and creatively aligned on everything, which was a really great and fun experience for me. Nothing but love and gratitude for Tove and the amazing team around her.

Lisette came up studying art-direction & styling before realising that her real calling was directing. That initial education laid the groundwork for her raw and beautiful visual sensibility and eye for talent, with a splash of the surreal. Channelling her vision, Lisette created a Dr. Marten’s spec-piece that the brand loved so much that they reposted and shared on their own social feed. From there, Lisette has expanded her vision to more clients including Dove, Schweppes, and a particularly colourful spot for The Dutch Flower Council. With each new piece, Lisette pushes herself visually, always intent on offering a visceral cinematic experience.