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I Am So Tired

Lena-Kasmira Schueler


One night in Hamburg 2020, Lena-Kasmira (Kasi) Schueler couldn’t sleep, because she was thinking about police brutality against black people and the Black Lives Matter demonstration she was going to the next day. Frustration grew into anger, and anger grew into wrath. So, she put her emotions into a poem and (ironically) called it “I Am So Tired”. Later she and Zora Maaß decided to visualize the poem as a film for Zora’s final film school project. The film addresses racism against black people, police brutality and mentions stereotypes. It emphasizes the frequency of racist cases, criticizes the measures taken against them, and warns of further deaths. At first, the narrator speaks of unsuccessful attempts to enlighten the racist counterpart and continues with various examples of everyday racism. Concrete situations such as grabbing hair, stereotypes regarding musical talent, the request to demonstrate these, and gender prejudices describing black women as weak and black men as dangerous. People are criticized for expressing their support only through social networks after a racism-based death. Civil rights activists are praised, still, further discrimination is expected. Lastly, police violence is issued and warnings of future deaths are given.

Lena-Kasmira (Kasi) Schueler is a german-afro-american woman, born in 2001 and raised in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2019 she has been a student and has been following her passion for filmmaking by working as Junior Creative at Mantikor, a creative production agency in Hamburg, as well as making her own films. She has produced “The Cards For Her”, which is about female (sexual pleasure and) empowerment and directed “I Am So Tired”, concerning Black Lives Matter/black empowerment. Both films have empowering messages. It is issues like these, among many others that drive her to spread awareness and express herself through film - and sometimes poetry.