Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

Marshall, Never Stop Listening

Kevin Castanheira


It's a dream to continue my collaboration with such an iconic a brand like Marshall. Iggy Pop was the perfect person to deliver this message, being a true rebel and icon of originality. When approaching the project I wanted to make sure the visuals didn't outweigh the meaning of the script, so kept it as grounded as possible while also embracing some cinematic elements. Shooting on a mix of Kodak 35mm and 16mm helped create an authentic image and visually emphasise the incredibly rich heritage of Marshall.

Los Angeles-born Kevin is a commercials and music video director. After spending most of his youth skateboarding and snowboarding, Kevin discovered that he much preferred time behind the camera filming his friends doing tricks rather than doing them himself. Within a few years of developing his craft, he was carving a name for himself as a filmmaker across the worlds of action sports, fashion and music. Kevin has worked on hugely successful campaigns for brands such as Marshall, Free People, Huawei, Red Bull, Marlboro and Casamigos. His work skilfully captures counterculture with a heart, with beautiful shots and cool visuals that underscore his knack for storytelling.