On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Katuchat, Memento

JTM - Théo Jollet, Thomas Trichet, Martin Maire


Katuchat is the spectator of an enigmatic memorial journey, like a prisoner of a dream staging a phantasmagorical retrospective of his past. Taking place in a limousine, he is led through a mysterious ceremony by a driver with a face cracked with light. He encounters characters and symbols that remind him of the most important elements of his life: his grandparents, the crowd, large hospital complexes and the omnipresence of fire.

JTM (Théo Jollet, Thomas Trichet, Martin Maire) is a french studio of directors. Their work combine a variety of techniques such as 3D, photography, 2D animation or live action videos. Due to this versatility, they can operate in different fields of creation, from fashion to cinema. Their aesthetic is defined by a strong desire to depict digital techniques on a cinematographic and narrative way.