Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Vaundy, Fukakouryoku

Jovan Todorovic


Dancing our way through these peculiar times. Having started his music career on YouTube, 20 year old Vaundy continues to captivate an audience with his illustrative lyrics and a sound reminiscent of the internal purity of teenage-hood. When Jovan Todorovic came across his track 不可幸力, he sensed within it an extremely relatable and relevant quality, which is what led him to embark on his project to direct a music video for it. “With everything that has been going on in Japan and globally as an effect of the pandemic we can relate to the lyrics. The song tells of a messy and dirty world of a humanity consisting of scared, lonely, fragile and sensitive humans. One in which our insecurities and peculiarities are something that we all share. The song invites us to celebrate, love, hold hands.” Working with the dancer and choreographer Yurina Goto and her team of dancers, the video was shot in Japan, and underline what is already there when it comes to the dance and performance as well as the song. “I want to allow the spontaneous and irresistible energy of the dance to shine. They should come off as authentic and real. I do not want to change them, overdo the concept or stylization and lose the simplicity and this irresistible quality.”

Jovan is a Serbian born artist and filmmaker with an MFA in Film Directing. He works in film, photography, and music. He is drawn to storytelling as a means to use heightened visual, auditory and textural experiences to explore the human experience and promote connectivity through empathy. Jovan's work recognizes the extraordinary in the ordinary, broadening our ideas of beauty and our understanding of what it means to be human. He is currently finishing his second feature length film, a documentary that follows kids in a Serbian juvenile prison.