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Shortlist - Short Film - Fiction

Dagblind [Nocturne]

Jordy Tempelman

Bandit Amsterdam

Dagblind [Nocturne] is a poetic Short Film Video about modern love and the destructive quest for happiness, told from the perspective of two young lovers, named HIM and HER. The film plays with dreamy, surrealistic imagery and metaphors to reveal a larger issue; will there come a point in life where we are truly happy? A quest where today's young generations - Millennials and Generation-Z - increasingly struggle with it. Through the media and our phone screens we are continuously confronted with ideal images; the beauty, prosperity, creativity, and the success of the other. This drives us to constantly look for a better version of ourselves, but where will this search end? When will we be truly happy with ourselves? With Dagblind I wanted to open a dialogue about these issues that many contemporaries face. We feel the pressure to perform constantly, and project an image of personal success in our pursuit of happiness. While more often it results in stress, depression and unrealistic expectations about life and love. I felt that it was important now more than ever to make this film, now that we had the self-reflection that was necessary in the lockdown periods. In the social isolation, where we had a break from our modern endeavours and look inside ourselves to what is most important. This film is about these revelations and lessons learned; we can only be truly happy if we look within.

With a deep-seated fascination for the extraordinary and unorthodox, Jordy’s work centres on exploring the human condition and its flaws and imperfections. With a dreamy and raw visual style, he crafts narratives with a recognisable and humanistic voice. He started out at a young age experimenting with analogue photography and film cameras and developed a visual style that resonates through in his filmic work. He was admitted at Filmschool in The Netherlands and graduated in 2015 as Director, after which he started making short films, music videos and commercials. The focus on original stories and characters is an essential element that filters through his work, creating diverse and original cinematic content.