In The Making, Longlist - Music Video

James McMorrow ft. Rudimental, Be Somebody

Jonatan Egholm Keis


Shot across various locations in Denmark, this collaboration with James McMorrow & Rudimental is an epic beachside story of a crumbling relationship, told through abstract vignettes and choppy, intense edits.

Jonatan Egholm Keis is a Danish director working with music videos and fictional films. Now… You probably think “He looks quite young, doesn’t he?” and yes, he does – and that’s probably because that’s exactly what he is. Jonatan kicked off his career as a still photographer at the age of just 14, and shortly thereafter his stills were featured online by large and acclaimed brands such as Adobe and Canon. The love for stills slowly got replaced by a burning desire to make moving images, and at the age of 20, Jonatan wrote, co-produced and directed his first 30-minute film Sail On, My Love starring Netflix stars Lucas Tønnesen (The Rain), Karoline Hamm (Equinox), Rex Leonard (The Rain) and Oscar Giese (Northwest, Before the Frost, Chernobyl). The film went on to be a part of the Official Selection at the Oscar- and EFA qualifying Odense Film Festival in 2021.