On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Royal Blood, Limbo

João Retorta

Bullion Productions

Inspired by a Youtube phenomenon called biker dance - a random collection of videos that see fully geared bikers doing their best dancing moves at the most mundane locations, the video for Royal Blood’s ‘Limbo’ follows two motorbiking groups on their way to an unexpected clash. Shot on location in Kiev, Ukraine over the course of one day, the video never shows any of its protagonists’ faces. Shielded with helmets at all times, we recognise the group’s contrasting traits through art direction, costume design, movement direction and ultimately through their bike riding.

A cunning filmmaker who looks to the classics for his highly modern screen-craft. João’s war-chest grows heavy with each project, having worked with some of the most celebrated modern British artists in music. A true artist, challenging not only his audience but himself with each new film.