Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

DARIUS ft. Duñe, Feels right

Jason Yan Francis


This music video is basically about a teen stoned in his retro bedroom tripping on posters and objects. I got this idea after talking with friends realizing we all lived the same kind of situations in junior high school. It took me, around 200 hours to cut and animate old magazines, creating a DIY look, inspired by traditional collage artists like Annah Hoch or Erwin Blumenfield.

Jason Yan Francis imagines films that are structured around strong concepts. Whether it is a video shot exclusively in POV for the French Navy, a TVC filmed as a fake sequence shot for HP or a skateboarding video entirely edited backward... Jason uses his solid technical skills to create visual tricks that capture the viewer’s attention: unique camera movements, original editing effects, hand-animated animations, collages, etc... He thus develops his own graphic style, allowing him to create spontaneous and meaningful visual narratives. This unique eye has allowed him to collaborate with internationally renowned brands and artists such as Adidas, L’Oréal, Spotify, The Blaze, MajorLazer and Travis Scott...