On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video
Shortlist - Music Video

Stromae, Santé

Jara Moravec


Working on Stromae’s music video was a surreal experience. I remember dancing to his tunes in my early twenties. I have a lot of respect for the boldness of the new track “Santé". Even though it melts so many different musical elements in a very unusual, almost jarring way, it’s an undeniable hit. I wanted to match the vibrancy and saturation of the track with equally strong visuals.

Jara (short for Jaroslav) grew up in the suburbs of Prague. He has always been fascinated by the borders dividing the real and the abstract resulting in work with a distinctive look. Whether it is through his subversive sense of humour or his sense for building delicate atmospheres, Jara always strives to build a self-contained universe, almost like a kaleidoscope from another world. After completing his photography education, Jara moved to London and later to Berlin where he got into directing music videos and commercial work. After returning to Prague, where he is currently living, Jara continued his directing path and spends his free time promoting DJ-ing and designing light installations.