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Halley’s Comet

Henry DaCosta

Type Five

Halley’s Comet’s visit is a once-in-a-generation tradition that spans from a time before the dawn of humans. Halley’s return gives us a reason to look up and wonder about the universe’s mysteries, regardless of all the fears and uncertainties on our own planet. In 2061, Halley’s Comet will be returning to our skies. Will we push science to new heights and let this celestial body teach us about our surrounding universe? Or will we succumb to our own vices and conflicts and look up at Halley’s pale streak and wonder why we didn’t do more?

Henry DaCosta is an Indian, Persian, and Polish director based in NYC. Henry is the first professionally working artist in his family's long history of math and science nerds. His unusual cultural background allowed him to travel extensively throughout his life. Henry attributes his artistic diversity to getting to experience a vast amount of cultures and art forms from a young age. Henry’s career started by filming concerts and short documentaries for musicians. This allowed him to work with some of today’s biggest artists such as: A$AP Rocky, YG, Billie Eilish, Vince Staples, Louis the Child, JPEGMAFIA, Goldlink and many more. Henry’s transition into the commercial world led him to work with companies such as: CANON USA, AWGE, DAZED, Ritz Carlton, Ksubi, Puma, KidSuper, 88rising, Overthrow Boxing, Scientific American, Def Jam, and more. Henry’s training as a cinematographer, topped with his dedication to tell stories that matter, constantly pushes his films to new and exciting places