Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Joe Unknown - Silent

Harry Barber

DadBod Films

"Joe came to me with the idea of burning this painting which had some semblance of a journey finishing. And, as one journey ends, leaving behind a time and a body of memories both fond and bitter, a new one often starts. We wanted to create something that had a beauty to it, but a contrasting chaos and anarchy brewing at the same time. Something that felt reflective but energising. Something that pulls you in to that hypnotic state and then jolts you back out ready for pastures new."

Harry started his career as a runner at one of London’s top production companies, quickly falling in love with the art of filmmaking, learning from the people around him and assisting some of Londons best commercials and music video directors. A highly visual director with a love for music, Harry has a natural ability to find off beat ways of telling stories in order to provoke intrigue. For Harry, filmmaking is all about creating a visceral energy on screen; sharing that energy and experience with the audience. His intricate attention to detail and bold striking visuals lead to evocative films full of heart and soul. He has worked with some of sports biggest names like Anthony Joshua and Jose Mourinho as well as brands like Under Armour, Spotify, FIFA, Buxton and EON.